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xrayIn our practice, there are no assumptions as to your condition nor to the type of care that may be optimal for you. A proper diagnosis for your unique condition must be made before the proper treatment plan can be developed. We have several areas of expertise and have confidence in our ability to offer information and insight into which services you may need.

We perform state-of-the art high-speed X-ray taken on site by Dr. Downes. In addition we use digital weight bearing foot scanning to correlate structural problems to the x-ray analysis when indicated. We offer comprehensive physicals for health and preventative wellness as well as for pre-screening for sports participation. We have computerized electro-meridian imaging capabilities, as well as comprehensive nutritional and toxicity screening abilities and work closely with neighboring labs as needed.

Our focus is on the true cause of your problem, not just the manifestation of symptoms.

If we can help you we will tell you, and if we cannot, we will help advise and refer to other experts in health care.


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Headache Relief with Chiropractic Care
Many people suffer from chronic headaches needlessly. Some headaches can be attributed to stress or tension which can affect the neck. In fact the latest medical literature1 reports that many cases of chronic headache are caused by a biomechanical problem in the neck—which is often misdiagnosed or unrecognized by physicians.
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Power Immunity
Just say no to H1N1

Our bodies do not have an immune system, as much as it is an immune system in its functional totality.  Systems such as the skeletal system, respiratory system, reproductive system, endocrine system, central nervous system, etc. are complete functioning systems with a clear set of organs and responses.  The human body does not have a single immune system, as it is better described as having an immune alliance among various systems  and organs which when coordinated by the brain, give an immune response to the presence of disease associated factors, such as bacteria or vital invasion.  The immune alliance is comprised of the thymus gland for lymphocytes, the spleen for antibodies, bone marrow for blood cell formation, digestive system and its acid to destroy parasites, intestinal flora, which destroy pathogenic microbes, and the liver for detoxification and enzyme production.
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Whole Food for whole body health
As a chiropractor I came to my work in whole food nutrition not by design but by necessity. My earlier thought was that there were plenty of nutritionists, plenty of nutritional advice, and lots of vegetables to be had if one wished to follow that path.
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We can help arthritis
Twenty-five years in the back-care field has brought more people through my door who thought they had no hope concerning their daily quota of aches and pains. "Oh its my "arthritis", or my "rhematism", nothing anyone can do about it, my mother had it, four of my brothers have it, it just runs in our family...
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