Whole Food for whole body health

As a chiropractor I came to my work in whole food nutrition not by design but by necessity. My earlier thought was that there were plenty of nutritionists, plenty of nutritional advice, and lots of vegetables to be had if one wished to follow that path.

Of course very few of us wished to follow that path. Couple this with the deteriorating condition of foods, empty harvests due to depleted soil and toxins, our complex lives and chaotic schedules, we became a progressively sicker society.

During the last few decades we’ve seen the advent of bleached flour, food preservatives, plastic wraps, fast food, soda and diet soda, irradiated milk, drugged cattle and poultry, salt , sugar, and butter substitutes all in the name of health… the list goes on, even to synthetic vitamins ….all of these developments have been to our detriment. These are not real foods. Our complex bodies require complex molecules of nutrition from nature: real food from rich soil, water and sunshine-unimpeded by man-made technology to expand shelf-life and profit.

As we’ve eaten synthetic foods we’ve become sicker, and turned to synthetic medicines to get well. Truth is we are not getting well, as a nation we are getting weaker, more obese, and more toxic. We are going from nutrient starvation to condition to drugs, to chronic condition to more drugs, often forgetting what it is like to be vital, well, and whole.

I have noted as a doctor, that patients have become increasingly “un-well”. More often than not they are undernourished, over-fed, and toxic. The capacity of these patients to heal is not what it was 25 years ago when I started laying my hands on to deliver chiropractic care.

Seeing this desperate need to regain health I began implementing Functional Medicine to determine how to best approach patients individual needs. Not just arm them with advice on how to eat more vegetables and avoid trans fats! We were able to determine exactly which systems needed re-vitalizing. This was a huge step in the right direction and strides were made clinically by patients, meaning their blood tests looked better, but in actuality, the patients were not feeling or functioning a whole lot better.

Frustrated, I researched and found many products made in the name of health are ineffective and potentially harmful. They are more of the man-made, irradiated, concocted, thin slices of the nutritional pie-- it was no wonder allopathic medicine threw them aside looking for more powerful therapies.

Nature does not make a thiamine nut nor a Vitamin C tree. These vitamin isolates don’t constitute nutrition. Whole food has full spectrum vitamins AND enzymes AND co-factors that work synergistically to nourish and empower our human organs, systems and tissues. Nature is complex in a fashion that supports life that cannot be duplicated with synthetic materials. These unnatural products can cause more harm than good and render a false sense of security concerning health.

FORTUNATELY, my various studies brought me to the whole food supplements made by Standard Process. They are the most powerful, natural, life-giving products I’ve used and prescribed for my patients. They are FOOD, pure and simple. The kind we cannot get at the grocery, nor have the time or inclination to eat. Most of their ingredients have been grown on their organic farm in Wisconsin. I’ve visited the farm and facilities personally and witnessed the clean farming, the rich soil, the purity and cleanliness of their facility and met their research and quality control scientists. It is impressive, to say the least.

Most importantly, I’ve seen radical changes in my patients’ health when judiciously using these whole food supplements over time. We’ve seen reversals of neurologic disorders, amelioration of heart conditions, arthritis, digestive issues, etc. Just about any condition imaginable responds favorably to targeted whole food nutrition and gland-enhancing strategies from these foods.

It is about time and we are sick of being sick! We must eat well and move away from synthetic foods, damaging medicines and synthetic vitamins and get back to nourishing whole food. STANDARD PROCESS organic whole food supplementation is the answer to implementing this vital nutrition into our modern lives.

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Whole Food for whole body health
As a chiropractor I came to my work in whole food nutrition not by design but by necessity. My earlier thought was that there were plenty of nutritionists, plenty of nutritional advice, and lots of vegetables to be had if one wished to follow that path.
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