Natural Facelift

The Ancient Chinese were known to say, “After the age of 25 your face is your own fault.”  
Indeed the lines of stress and attitude begin to become apparent, as well as damage from sun, illness and stress.  Their accumulation at that time and forward can be devastating as we wish to FACE FORWARD without reminders of past difficulties marring our presentation.

Dr. Downes has designed her FACE FORWARD program to address this need.  Like all holistic programs there are components which make treatment and results outstanding. 

Facial acupuncture has been used for centuries to energize and add improved circulation to the outer most layers of the skin, those cells which face the weather, the discerning eye.  Dr. Downes is expert at using electric stimulation acupuncture, the stylus adds great comfort and control to the procedure and  is absolutely painless.  An added benefit of this procedure is relaxation of the eyes and facial muscles, less tension in the jaw and quite often a pleasant clearing of the sinus passageways.

Dr. Downes also addresses necessary nutritional issues which invariably affect the health of the skin, its radiance and texture should come from within.  We have Progomorphogens for formation of new skin cells, as well as various other critically important nutrients.  Dr. Downes believes your skin gives many signs that reveal health issues and can help to direct treatment needs.

Dr. Downes also uses a particular homeopathic remedy designed for “Scars & Adhesions”.  It is a fabulous remedy as wrinkles, upon close inspection are nothing more than scar tissue.  This lotion remedy can be used daily to perk up the skin as well as treat the wrinkles over time.

The combination of Facial Acupuncture, Targeted Functional Nutrition, and Homeopathy to sooth and detoxify will allow you to

with the vitality and energy

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